The Africlinique project

The Africlinique project started on 1° October 2019 and will last 30 months, ending on April 2022. The main goal of the Africlinique is to increase the capacity of national regulatory authorities (NRAs) in Cameroon and Republic of Congo, thereby attracting clinical trials to the Central African region. To achieve this goal, a sustainable collaborative network will be established connecting Central African National Regulatory Authorities, European NRAs and NRA supporting initiatives (e.g. AVAREF and CANTAM). Collectively, the network will develop an implementation plan for Central African NRAs to implement efficient SOPs, harmonised guidelines, training programmes and pharmacovigilance system.
Moreover, sustainable communication and education channels are established and a joint advocacy campaign will raise awareness among clinical research organisations regarding the scientific, economical and societal benefits of clinical trials in Central Africa, drawing clinical trials towards the region